Human Female, with blue eyes and long black hair that is in a pony tail.


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As a child Krystal lived with her mother Eve in a human dominated village. Her father was never a part of her life growing up. And not having any other family members in the village, Krystal’s mother had to take her to her place of work and everywhere else. They were extremely poor and barely were able to make it by. During Eve’s long hours of work Krystal found a way to amuse herself on her own. She was a little on the odd side, which made her a target for bullying.

When Krystal turned five, her mother took her into a larger city in hopes that she could make more money. The city was crowded with not only people, but also rats, mice and trash covering every inch of the streets. Sadly after a few months of living in filth, Eve contracted a sickness and passed away leaving Krystal to fend on the streets for herself. She would horde small objects that she would find among the trash that would calmly sing to her (Magic Sensitivity) to keep her company. While searching and begging for food one day, a woman Abby who was employed at a brothel took pity on the child and took her in. Krystal was raised, not by just Abby but everyone at the brothel and she was quite happy there. As she really did not understand what sort dealings took place in her new home. But as she grew into her late teens, she knew that she would one day have to contribute as it was only fair.

And that day came when a group of frisky mercenaries came to do business. All the others ladies were either already occupied or were snatched up quite quickly by the mercs. But one man entered the brothel later than the others, leaving only a twenty year old Krystal left. Oddly the songs entered her mind when she saw him and grew increasingly almost painfully stronger when he drew closer. That was the first time the songs came from a person, not an object. Even when she was in the bedroom with her client, the songs wouldn’t rest. Her fingers dug into the sides of her head and the merc seemed strangely surprised by her distress. He asked what was wrong she cried, “the songs!” The man studied her for a moment then held out his hand. A bright lively flame sprouted in his palm and she screamed. Not because of seeing a man holding a blaze in his hand like it was nothing, the songs thrashed in her mind. The merc closed his hand and the flame went out in a poof of smoke, then left Krystal alone. He didn’t even attempt to receive the pleasure that he was paid for.

The next day she saw the same man talking to Abby, who induced the man as Kristoff and said that he had an opportunity for Krystal. The merc told her that the songs that she was hearing were magic, she could sense magic which was an uncommon gift. And if she could sense magic she could most likely had magic of her own. Kristoff as a magic user himself could help Krystal with her own powers. He also offered her food and a roof over her head, the only thing that he asked for return was that she joined his brothers and sisters, to become a mercenary. Krystal had no experience in combat or the art of killing, but she didn’t want to live her whole life in the brothel either, to be nothing but a tool for pleasure. Perhaps she could make a real name for herself out there.

So she left the brothel behind and went the mercenaries and never looked back. Five years later she was now trained and deadly in archery. She also wields spring blades, as they are quick and easy to draw and retract in the middle of combat even with a large bow in hand. Krystal had gained control of the songs that played in her head when magic was near and also has fully developed magic of her own. She how has the power of ice at her fingertips.

Krystal left her band by herself as she was assigned to an interesting job. But once the job is over and done she will return once again to her brother and sisters in arms, her home.


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